Friday, January 8, 2010

This blog no longer in use

We have decided, ladies, that the FORUM is a much better outlet for our shared ideas, questions etc. If you find yourself here simply click this and should be back with us on our site and you can still read my original blog (which I am still writing now in 1956 of course) there as well.
See you there ladies and gentleman!
50s gal.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Should we do away with this community blog?

As has been pointed out in comments, this blog may now be redundant. It was made in lieu of a Forum, as your admin, namely me 50s gal, was and is still learning. You have to remember, I just got here from 1955 so this technology can be overwhelming!
SO, I think maybe we should just ditch this blog and let all questions and comments and ideas that we share as a group happen on the Forum. How do you feel about it?
Also, I am still planning on keeping up my own blog and will most likely have my usual rants and ideas which we can then expound or expand on on the website, does this still seem a good idea? I mean, you do still want to read my blog? I just want to make sure we are running efficiently as a good home should.
That's all and thanks for all the support so for. Such a fun, though frustrating, experience.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Warm Thank You

to Donna, for making this lovely website, which is both beautiful to look at, great to read and I think will become a vital lexicon for all homemakers in near future.

And I think I speak of most of your followers with this thank you post.
Great job, Donna and please continue.

I've raised the Danish flag for you.

Scheduling Question "This blog/question from follower PL"

Okay, I figured it out. This is my first time doing this, so I wasn't initially sure what to do, but here question...

Okay, the thing I've been wondering is what your schedule looks like now that you've reached the end of your 1955 year. I have set up a rough schedule since our move, yet I still seem to discover kinks were I wonder to myself, "Why didn't I think about that before?". For example, I recently discovered that instead of scheduling a specific date for cleaning out the refrigerator, that it works well to clean out the fridge just before I do my larger, once a month, restocking shopping trip because that's when my fridge is its emptiest. Have you had light bulb moments like that where you discovered "built in", in you will, opportunities to get things done? I would like to make my schedule more practical and efficient in that way. Do you, or any of you, have scheduling tips that you can share which will help me to use life opportunities to build my schedule around? The fridge light bulb moment made me realize that there are probably plenty of obvious scheduling opportunities like that that I'm just not seeing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 January 1956

I hope I have not confused anyone with this blog, which is to stand in for a Forum until I get that installed on this site.

This blog does not replace my usual blog, which I am still writing and can still be accessed as usual as well as on this website under the BLOG button.

Now this blog was made so we could invite any who wanted to post here as you would in a forum, but not sure how that will work. If you have been invited (which any of you can be, just email me at )I think you can then, as you would in your own blog, go to the main posting page and post a blog to pose a question or what have you.
So, to make it less confusing I am going to try and install a proper forum tomorrow and then, of course, we can still keep this blog going if we like. It will be just one more way to write and stay connected to the site.
I hope this makes sense and thank you for being patient with me as we iron out the kinks of this new site. I am excited to see it grow and change this year. I cannot believe that 1955 has already ended and so quickly. I cannot wait to see what this site is like at the end of this year. We shall be much smater, more informed, better mannered, well dressed, cooking, sewing, canning, and FULL of coffee.
50s gal.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Revolutionaries! JOIN IN! 1 January 1956

I have made this blog as part of our new site. When deciding on ways to add forums, it seemed, unless I wished to pay through the nose, the only 'free' forums forced us away from this site and was riddled with adverts. So, this will be an OPEN blog that will act as our forum.
So, become a part of this forum by emailing me at and I will then 'invite you' to this blog. Thus you will be authors of this blog and you will be allowed to post what you like and we can all comment. Thus allowing us a forum to ask questions or share ideas and opinions with all of us contributing to it.
My main blog will still exist for my rants and ideas as well and do please still comment there, but this is definitely our COMMUNITY blog. And it saves it indefinitely, so we can always refer back to previous posts.
I would also like to have 'GUEST BLOGGERS' but I think I might use my main blog for that. Let me know what you think and let's get our community rolling!
Vive la revolution!