Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Revolutionaries! JOIN IN! 1 January 1956

I have made this blog as part of our new site. When deciding on ways to add forums, it seemed, unless I wished to pay through the nose, the only 'free' forums forced us away from this site and was riddled with adverts. So, this will be an OPEN blog that will act as our forum.
So, become a part of this forum by emailing me at and I will then 'invite you' to this blog. Thus you will be authors of this blog and you will be allowed to post what you like and we can all comment. Thus allowing us a forum to ask questions or share ideas and opinions with all of us contributing to it.
My main blog will still exist for my rants and ideas as well and do please still comment there, but this is definitely our COMMUNITY blog. And it saves it indefinitely, so we can always refer back to previous posts.
I would also like to have 'GUEST BLOGGERS' but I think I might use my main blog for that. Let me know what you think and let's get our community rolling!
Vive la revolution!


  1. Okay, the thing I've been wondering is what your schedule looks like now that you've reached the end of your 1955 year. I have set up a rough schedule since our move, yet I still seem to discover kinks were I wonder to myself, "Why didn't I think about that before?". For example, I recently discovered that instead of scheduling a specific date for cleaning out the refrigerator, that it works well to clean out the fridge just before I do my larger, once a month, restocking shopping trip because that is when my fridge is it's emptiest. Have you had light bulb moments like that where you discovered "built in", if you will, opportunities to get things done? I would like to make my schedule more practical and efficient in that way. Do you, or any of you, have scheduling tips that you can share which will help me to use life opportunities to build my schedule around? The fridge lightbulb moment made me realize that there are probably plenty of obvious scheduling opportunities like that that I'm just not seeing.

  2. Being this is the Apron Revolution... how many of us actually wear an apron? Is it only for cooking or for cleaning or both?

    Me first-- I have several in both the bib and half styles. I wear the butcher-type bib aprons for cooking and baking. I use the half or tool belt kind for cleaning.

  3. It's funny that you ask, Kay. I'm wearing mine right now. There are many days where I forget to take it off after making dinner. It feels such a part of me that I forget I have it on.

    I don't always wear an apron for cleaning, only when I have a messier task at hand.

  4. I am also wearing one right now. However, I think, ladies, that you have the 'priveledge' to actually post your query as a blog post not just as a comment on this post, does that make any sense? Maybe I don't understand how it works, but I believe as long as you have accepted the invite to be an author on this blog, I think you can actually write it as a post. Not sure, though. I will get back with your first question however, but I am honestly wearing an apron.

  5. I love aprons and have starting collecting them. If I worked at home, I would most likely where one a good part of the day. I work outside, however, and don't always change over into my housewife role as to adding an apron. I do love them for cooking, cleaning, and just feeling feminine and housewifey.

  6. I wear them as well as make them. It's a fun way to "change" an outfit as well as protect my real ones!


  7. I love to wear my aprons too. I even have some for holidays; fall , christmas. I like them best if they have pockets. I don't really remember my mother wearing aprons around the house but if she did charity work , she wore one. She would serve hot food at a nursing home ,take care of people from church who need a visit if they were sick, or throw showers for women who just had babies then she would wear an apron(probalby to protect her nice dresses.) What I wear a home doesn't really need protecting but I still like to put on the apron,my uniform for home.