Monday, January 4, 2010

Should we do away with this community blog?

As has been pointed out in comments, this blog may now be redundant. It was made in lieu of a Forum, as your admin, namely me 50s gal, was and is still learning. You have to remember, I just got here from 1955 so this technology can be overwhelming!
SO, I think maybe we should just ditch this blog and let all questions and comments and ideas that we share as a group happen on the Forum. How do you feel about it?
Also, I am still planning on keeping up my own blog and will most likely have my usual rants and ideas which we can then expound or expand on on the website, does this still seem a good idea? I mean, you do still want to read my blog? I just want to make sure we are running efficiently as a good home should.
That's all and thanks for all the support so for. Such a fun, though frustrating, experience.


  1. i like the other blog better. this does seem unnecessary w/the forum now up...

  2. I agree. I have to admit, I was not really sure what a forum was, I had never visited nor used them (see I really am 1955 girl!) so now that I understand, I see this one is really not important nor needed. I will see what others say and then most likely just take this down by the end of the day.

  3. I do love your original blog, and would love for you to continue putting your thoughts/rants there. I'll definitely still go there.

    Maybe if everyone was willing, or if you're able to do it yourself, being the admin, we can transfer the scheduling topic into the forum. I'll at least go put my question over there for now.

  4. If I still want to read your blog? Are you kiddin'??? I'm addicted, you know. :)

    But I think it is a good idea with a community blog, most forums do have one. And I've already planned some post which might be interesting for other members. The mails I sent you at the very beginning about the fifties in Denmark. This blog-community should be the members' blog and might not be updated as lively as your blog does, which will still be our all time favourite. But in the end it will be your choice since you're the admin.

  5. I miss knowing what is going on in your world...and putting my two cents into it.(with this inflation that is not worth much :0)

  6. Mrs. Tailleur. You know I still have my normal blog, right? It is at its normal place and also under the BLOG link on the website. Not sure if you thought this was no my blog.

  7. Wow ,thank you I thought you were gone, now I have some reading to do.Every time I went back in time it was December 31. Ok so I am not a computer whiz .I am lucky Mr. Tailleur is. He showed me what you were talking about. I never knew about blogs till I found you and Destination 1940's. One day husband and our teenagers were talking while I was on computer one said bad news"Mom has found the internet" (We All share a computer.)Ha ha Thanks:) respectfully ,Mrs. Tailleur