Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 January 1956

I hope I have not confused anyone with this blog, which is to stand in for a Forum until I get that installed on this site.

This blog does not replace my usual blog, which I am still writing and can still be accessed as usual as well as on this website under the BLOG button.

Now this blog was made so we could invite any who wanted to post here as you would in a forum, but not sure how that will work. If you have been invited (which any of you can be, just email me at )I think you can then, as you would in your own blog, go to the main posting page and post a blog to pose a question or what have you.
So, to make it less confusing I am going to try and install a proper forum tomorrow and then, of course, we can still keep this blog going if we like. It will be just one more way to write and stay connected to the site.
I hope this makes sense and thank you for being patient with me as we iron out the kinks of this new site. I am excited to see it grow and change this year. I cannot believe that 1955 has already ended and so quickly. I cannot wait to see what this site is like at the end of this year. We shall be much smater, more informed, better mannered, well dressed, cooking, sewing, canning, and FULL of coffee.
50s gal.


  1. 50sgal,

    Well, your site isn't letting me add myself as a follower either (I can't become a follower on your husband's site either). If you have suggestions, please let me know. Thank you much.

  2. Zebu-I am not sure why that is, I shall ask hubby today, though. And, though I made this blog as a forum in a sense, I think I had better get an actual forum installed today. It seems it would be better all round. We knew there would be some kinks though. I am glad you like Hubby's blog. I really wanted him to do a companion blog and am glad he has acquiesed. I love his writing normally, so I knew he would make a good blogger.